Small spaces require more planning than areas where you have plenty of room. There are plenty of ideas for gardens to transform even the smallest piece of land or corner of your deck or patio. Here are a few ways you can garden in a small space.

Use Vertical Space

Planting a garden in a small space means you’ll need to maximize the limited area. Take your garden off the ground to save space on the lawn or patio. Add slim shelving to the garden wall or a strong fence. You can also find fabric wall planters that look like pockets. Install them along the wall or fence to add vertical space for growing herbs and flowers.

Focus on the Patio for a Garden in a Small Space

Patios and decks are areas that are often overlooked and may appear dull and uninteresting. This makes the patio or deck the perfect location to add plants and garden in a small space. 

Plant seeds alongside the deck. Add gardening containers and planters to make good use of the area. Consider installing boxes or pots with hooks on the deck railing to add more gardening space.

Garden in a Small Space with Hanging Planters

A covered porch or pergola gives you a great place to hang planters. Hanging baskets are available at home improvement stores and garden centers. You might also find options at secondhand stores if you’re on a budget. Plastic garden pots are easy to drill. Add holes and use a strong cord to create DIY hanging pots.

Raised Gardens

One of the most popular ideas for smaller yards is raised planting beds. They are especially ideal if you have poor soil or no soil at all. For the borders of your raised bed, you can use wood, landscaping blocks, or bricks and fill the area with good soil and compost.

Use the square foot gardening technique to make the best use of this method. A raised garden is an excellent way to maximize space, grow vegetables and herbs, and add curb appeal to your home.

Plant a Mobile Garden on Wheels

If you don’t have enough room to establish a permanent garden, make yours mobile by adding wheels. A wheeled garden cart is a good solution for people with small spaces or those who don’t want to make the garden a permanent part of the yard. A bonus is you can move plants out of the hot sun and into the shade on sweltering days. Plus, if you rent your home, you’ll be able to take the garden with you when you move.

Planting a garden in a small space requires planning and preparation. Choose your design depending on the available area and the outcome you hope to achieve.

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