‏Owning your own home brings both freedom and new responsibilities. While you can make any upgrades or renovations that you like, you’ll also have to take care of maintenance and repairs. Whether you’re gearing up for a major DIY project or just want to be ready when something goes wrong, add these must-have tools to your shopping list.

Hammer‏s are Must-Have Tools for Homeowners

‏You’ll find a variety of hammers and most are categorized by weight. A 16 oz hammer is comfortable for most people and most jobs. Use a claw-style hammer so when you inevitably bend a nail, you can easily remove it.

‏Tape Measure‏

‏In almost any project you’ll tackle, a tape measure will come in handy. From hanging pictures to measuring the space for your new refrigerator, you’ll need a tape measure. Purchase one that measures 25 or 50 feet. This is a good size for use around your home, from measuring lumber to room dimensions.‏‏

‏Must-Have Tools: Varieties of Tape‏

‏It might not be the first thing you think of, but a few rolls of tape are essential for your toolbox. ‏

‏If you need to drill or cut through plywood or sheet metal, placing masking tape on the back of the surface will help prevent tear-out. ‏

‏Painter’s tape can be used to secure plastic sheeting when painting or staining, and you’ll use it to mask the trim before you paint. You can also wrap painter’s tape around a pipe to help guide a straight cut. ‏

‏Another type of tape that qualifies as a must-have tool is duct tape. Duct tape offers a temporary fix for many types of problems, at least long enough for you to get to the hardware store and figure out a more permanent solution. ‏From repairing a torn tarp to patching a hole in the garden hose, you’ll find multiple uses for this tape in your household.

‏Utility Knife‏

‏Grab a utility knife before you move into your new home. It will help you open and break down all those moving boxes. Utility knives are must-have tools and are sure to come in handy whether you’re cutting carpet, stripping wires, or removing old caulk. ‏

‏Purchase a package of 50 or 100 blades. Utility knife blades go dull quickly, and cutting with a dull blade is dangerous. They can also crack or break. Having ample replacements on hand means you won’t have to worry about running to the store in the middle of a project. ‏

‏Where to Store Your Must-Have Tools‏

‏Once you’ve started your collection of tools, keep them in a safe and easy-to-access location. Invest in a toolbox or tool bag with compartments to organize and keep all your essential tools together.

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