The loss of electricity is never a stress-free experience, but it can be less frustrating if you know how to prepare for a power outage. An emergency kit, common knowledge, and some creativity will get you through any outage. Here is a guide to assist you while you are without power.

Make a Power Outage Emergency Bag

When you’re operating in darkness it is crucial to be organized, so storing everything you need in a bag specifically for a power outage is helpful. This emergency kit should havethe essentials including a flashlight, batteries, a battery-operated radio, a fully charged portable phone charger, a first aid kit, toiletries, food that does not need to be refrigerated, and any prescription medications for your family and pets. Stock up on bottled water, planning for at least one gallon per person, per day. If you have advance warning of a possible outage, fill your car with gas in case you need to travel.

Solar Power

The best items to have during an outage are those that do not require electricity to function. A power outage is a perfect time to take advantage of solar power. Solar-powered LED lights are helpful because you can bring them inside to light your home after dark.

There are many solar-powered gadgets you can buy such as phone chargers, lighting, and fans. Solar power is always available and is a relief to have during a time without electricity.

Although you can use the sun for power, it won’t always keep us warm. A power outage during the winter months is not only uncomfortable but also potentially dangerous. Battery-powered heated blankets and body warmers such as “Hot Hands” are important to have with your emergency supplies.

Get Creative to Prepare for a Power Outage

Preparing for a power outage provides an opportunity to be creative. Is there anything in your home that can be transformed into an outage essential? For example, you can hang blankets in front of doors or hallways to trap heat in a certain area. Use your camp stove to prepare simple hot meals, like canned soup. You probably already have plenty of useful items in your home to help you be prepared when the power goes out.

Your next power outage will go smoothly with basic preparations. Put some thought into your emergency kit bag as you will be grateful for those supplies when the time comes that you need to use them.

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