The average American produces close to five pounds of trash each day. While some of that is recycled and composted, the majority of it ends up in landfills. The best way to lower the amount of trash your family generates is by taking simple steps to reduce household waste.

Purchase Items Without Excessive Packaging

Much of the waste that we generate is the result of packaging from products that we purchase at the grocery store or online. For example, a salad kit might have five separate pieces of plastic packaging inside it to keep the ingredients separated.

When shopping for anything, consider the amount of packaging that will come with it to reduce household waste. Always bring reusable bags and buy in bulk when possible.

Make Compost to Reduce Household Waste

Compost is a natural gardening supplement that enriches the soil without introducing harsh chemicals from traditional fertilizers.

Use a bin to decompose fruit peels, vegetable waste, eggshells, grass clippings, coffee grounds, leaves, and other organic material. It takes 4-12 months to generate usable compost for your yard.  Investing in a compost bin is an effective way to reduce household waste, reduce odor and keep the air clean, and build up the garden at the same time.

Reuse Bags and Clothing to Reduce Household Waste

Getting the most use out of every item you own is another way to reduce household waste. When clothes are old and worn, cut them into rags for cleaning and dusting instead of throwing them away.

Instead of purchasing single-use paper products like napkins and paper towels, buy cloth napkins that can be cleaned and reused.

Purchase from the Thrift Store

Buying secondhand is an excellent way to reduce the number of things flowing into landfills, and it will also save you money. Next time you are looking for furniture, home décor, or clothing, visit the thrift store. Most thrift stores carry pieces in excellent condition and allow you to support a charity while making your purchase.

Next time you declutter and have items in good condition to dispose of, donate them to the thrift store.

Avoid Single-Serve Items to Reduce Household Waste

Whether you are packing your child’s lunch or grabbing a coffee on your way to the office, avoid single-serve items whenever possible. Single-serve packaging is famous thanks to its convenience, but it leads to a tremendous amount of plastic waste.

To reduce household waste, try purchasing larger family sizes or bulk containers and dividing the food into individual servings using washable baggies. Bring your cup to the coffee shop or carry reusable straws or silverware to avoid throwing away more plastic.

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