When it’s hot outside during the summer, it might be hard to get motivated to work on home maintenance projects. However, there are some simple summer home maintenance tasks that are easy to do and will help your home’s curb appeal and functionality.

Summer Home Maintenance for the Mailbox

The mailbox is a part of your property that is often neglected. Depending on the condition of the mailbox, there are different ways that you can update it. It may just need to be cleaned off with a gentle solution of warm water, dish soap, and a splash of vinegar. Remove dirt and mildew from the mailbox to make it brand new.

If areas of the mailbox are rusty, apply rust remover and repaint the mailbox. Some mailboxes need to be completely replaced if they are dented or otherwise damaged. Apply new address numbers to the mailbox if yours are loose or not visible. Finally, make a small flower bed around the base of the mailbox covered with mulch and add stones for a tidy border.

Turn Fans Counterclockwise

In summer, all of your ceiling fans should rotate counterclockwise. Fans running clockwise make the room feel warmer because they push hot air down from the ceiling, while fans running counterclockwise have a cooling effect. Change the direction of your ceiling fans by flipping the switch on the fan’s motor.

Take Care of the Yard for Summer Home Maintenance

The intense heat and rainstorms of summer make your gardens and lawn grow quickly. Maintain your yard regularly so it doesn’t become overgrown. Mow the grass every week or two. Pull weeds as they grow and trim back bushes and hedges. Some plants that look like weeds may become trees before you know it. Keep an eye on the vegetation on your property and prevent it from growing out of control.

Change the AC Filter

When you run the air conditioning in the summer, you will need to change the filter more frequently. A clogged filter prevents your home from getting cooling efficiently and will send dirty air back into your living spaces. Your HVAC owner’s manual will recommend when to change the filter, usually every 30-90 days, but it is a good idea to change it more often in the summer months. This will save money on energy bills and help your home stay more comfortable.

The above 4 projects won’t take a lot of time and effort and are worthwhile upgrades for your home. Start by completing one and continue through the list to improve your property.

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